Why screens are destroying your kids childhood

One of the great revolutions in the family sphere and the characteristics of childhood is undoubtedly related to the entrance of screens to our lives. Some argue that this is a trend that must be fought, and claim nostalgically that life before the screens arrived was much better. This is of course not necessarily true and not so effective. Opposition to the screens will not really lead to their disappearance, and it is certainly reasonable to assume that the appearance of the screens brought with it quite a few advantages and opportunities, not just problems. What is clear beyond any doubt is that the variety of technological devices has created changes in many areas.

In the entertainment and entertainment sector – the various game consoles (Sony PlayStation, Xbox, etc.), television and computer undoubtedly changed the character of the traditional game. Children play today from their own rooms in sophisticated and technology-rich games, often playing with children who can be thousands of miles away from them.

The ability to meet online is one of the causes of the emptiness of the neighborhood of the past and a child who went out into the street without prior coordination may find himself in an abandoned and isolated place. On the other hand, there are children who can stay at home for days without feeling lonely or bored. Of course, this has an advantage for parents in that the task of employing children at home goes down their shoulders, and the network solved the problem of “boring me.” However, the technology still does not meet many needs, such as the need to touch, activate the sense of smell, exposure to fresh air, eye contact, and varied physical activity (at least in most activities related to viewing).

In addition, the habit of getting stimuli from the screen causes quite a few children to have difficulty when they do not have a game available. It is also important to note that most computer games do not give a place to focus on the inner world, thoughts and emotions. Thus, those who make do with screen games do not have enough opportunities to develop awareness of their inner world or to learn how to regulate their emotions.

Communication and Communication

The mobile phone, the Wi-Fi groups, the sites, the emails and the essams have become an accepted way to transfer information between friends, work, school, etc. The advantage, of course, lies in the convenience and efficiency of transferring information quickly and remotely. Many parents can communicate with the child even when he is on a long trip on an annual trip, even late at night when he is having fun, and even when he is delayed back from the youth movement.

The ability to communicate with the child even when he is far away is of course an advantage, but sometimes it causes distance. Many parents allow themselves to stay at work late and accompany the child by phone and message. Another factor that can create distance between the parents and the child is related to the fact that the ability to communicate remotely enables parents to continue working even when they are away from the office. Many parents put the work home, and continue to work on the computer at dinner or bedtime. This, of course, may harm parents’ requests for children, blur the boundaries between home and work, and harm the family’s conduct.

Disturbances and disturbances to concentration

The amount of information that is regularly transmitted through the various networks causes every few minutes for children to receive new messages and alerts, which can create difficulty in concentrating and interfering with one thing. Many children and adults respond to every sound or alert from the device, which causes them to interrupt calls, stop doing homework, and so on. These are frequent transitions of attention from one subject to another, which undoubtedly harms conduct and calm.

Unconnected contact with the outside – another known component connected to the world of screens is the direct access to the content of the network. Today every child holding a smart phone can be exposed to content that is not necessarily suited to his age or needs, without an adult who will mediate the information and examine the effect of the exposure on the child.

The network is known to be flooded with content of sexuality, violence and extreme behavior, and children may roam in bad places without us being aware of it. Many parents try to monitor the contents of the child through various software or restrictions on the devices. The problem is that many children know how to circumvent the restrictions and in most cases the children’s technical knowledge is superior to that of their parents. In this sense, parents can be seen as new immigrants who have difficulty understanding the content and characteristics of the language, while the children learn the language quickly and are in a position of superiority in relation to them.


Access to a wide audience is, of course, one of the advantages of the network. The ability to spread good things or reach wide audiences at the touch of a button is a powerful force. But on the other hand may also be a real risk factor for children. There is a risk of uncontrolled contact with different people who may harm the young child and take advantage of his innocence. All this without the knowledge of the parent.
Similarly, we are witnessing today another phenomenon related to connecting to the many audiences and to the vast distribution that the network allows. The phenomenon of cheating on the Internet, and the ability to ridicule a child and humiliate him in front of a large audience, is a factor that must be prepared for him as a parent and as a friend.

Images and visibility – Almost every smartphone owner holds a sophisticated camera, sophisticated editing software, and the ability to distribute and market images to large audiences. Every child’s hand now has a kind of innovative advertising agency, a virtual display window and a public relations system. Salafi images, and self-documentation capabilities, give each child the ability to look like a star and feel a celebrity. This fact can, on the one hand, strengthen the self-image, but also create an illusion and exaggeration about the real position of the person in life and bring about frustrations and disappointments.

Parents in the Screen Age – What to do?
Teach proper use
Since the monitors will probably accompany us in the future, it is important to direct the children to behavior in this area as well. Which means, among other things, how to control the dosage and know when to break and how not to indulge. It is important that we parents make sure that the children know how to turn off the devices and disconnect them when necessary. For example – during mealtime, homework, and so forth.

Safety controllers
It is important to warn of dangers and to talk about the sources of risk. When we see activity that is not right in our eyes (for example, a program in which people are exposed extreme, too revealing images of the body, etc.) it is important to express that this is not true. And at the same time viewing

How to relieve back pain the natural way

back pain

Back pain is a popular problem that many people suffer from especially since it is caused by various factors ranging from disease to nerve strains, accidents and snaps among others. It is also quite common for back pain to repeat itself and some people may suffer mild to severe pain for more than three months, in which case it becomes chronic back pain. There are several ways to go about relieving pain from your back and the method chosen will depend on your unique symptoms as well as the cause of pain. Here is a brief look as some of the things you can do to relieve back pain.

1. Consider resting for a day or two

When you suffer from mild back pain caused by nerve strain or sitting in an uncomfortable posture for a long time, bed rest for a day or two can help make the pain go away. However, research studies have shown that resting for more than two days will make your muscles weaker and make it easier to suffer back pain once again.

2. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can eliminate severe pain, but you should wait a few days before commencing treatment. It involves a set of movements aimed at flexing and stretching back muscles and nerves to prevent swelling, spasms and pain. You can also use an inversion chair to increase disc spaces and aid natural recovery. Inversion therapy involves sitting in an upside-down position for a few minutes and is not recommended for those with high-blood pressure.

3. Ice and heat packs

Ice packs can help relieve back pains within the first 48 hours when nerves and muscles are inflamed. After the 48 hours, you can use heat packs to further relax muscles, back spasms and pain. It is advisable not to use heat packs within the first 2 days as this may cause bleeding.

4. Back braces

If your condition is severe, you may need back braces to support your spine. This option is ideal for those who need quick recovery back to work. Back braces should be used temporarily as long-term use can weaken stomach and back muscles causing dependence on the braces.

5. Medications

If you’re back pain is a result of a cold or a flu then taking medication is the best solution. It will heal your cold and then help you with the back pain. Doctors may recommend anti-inflammatory and pain relievers to prevent inflammation and take your mind away from the pain. However, such medications do not solve the root problem although they give you a chance to focus on other remedies like core training and physiotherapy without feeling the pain. Different medications may also be prescribed if the root cause of your back pain is disease related.

6. Inversion tables or chairs

Inversion therapy is a great way to relief back pain and improve your posture. The treatment can be dont at the doctor’s office or at the comfortable of your own home if
you decide to buy one yourself. Inversion chairs are more recommended by doctor, as you dont need to tighten your back to stretch our. Here is an excellent article about inversion chairs.

Other back pain relief options

As aforementioned, back pain can be a result of different reasons and relieving it requires identifying this root cause. Popular conditions that lead to back pain include;

Some of the popular causes include;

Slipped/herniated disc – occurs when the gel between the disc leaks and causes pressure on surrounding spinal parts.Fracture – on one or more spinal bones can be painful even after they healNerve irritation – happens when your sciatic nerves get irritated or compressedSpinal stenosis – happens when space between discs become smaller and can be treated using inversion chair therapyRheumatism and osteoarthritis – degenerative diseases that wear out your spinal joints and cushioningTumors – are growths on your spinal region. These are quite rare but can cause chronic back pain.

If you suffer from the above chronic back pain, your treatment options may range from home remedies and complementary therapies to acupuncture, surgery, injections and herbal remedies. As you will also find out, there are some foods that will increase muscle pain and others that are natural relievers. It is important to consult your doctor for comprehensive medical examination and diagnosis before considering relief options to prevent aggravation of the problem. Consult your doctor as soon as you experience the symptoms of severe back pain.


Rehabilitation medicine – how technology changed our health

Rehabilitation medicine produces long process for Rehabilitation as it assesses, diagnoses, treats and monitors rehabilitated over time. The rehabilitation process is long and expensive process that combines human individual approach, multi-disciplinary knowledge, skills of a multidisciplinary team and the use of advanced technologies. Technological advances requires collaboration among clinicians, engineers, and health professionals.

Recently held the 58th annual conference of the Israeli Association of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and in which there were several workshops on diverse topics including Schot through our technological issue.

Rehabilitation of the visually impaired

The writer has not engaged in the rehabilitation of the blind, though occasionally brain-damaged patients with cortical blindness, or neurological diseases (such as multiple sclerosis) patients with their point of view. Rehabilitation of people with blindness or severe visual impairments requires various auxiliary devices, devices that increase greatly written material or pictures suffer from vision, effective communication aids and a host of electronic aids in improving performance. There are of course distinguish between rehabilitating the blind from birth and those who lost their sight later. In any case, rehabilitation programs include educational system, teaching reading and writing special, adapted sports and the like.

Orthopedic Rehabilitation

VR (virtual reality) gaining an important place in the true reality of Rehabilitation. This is the diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of people with disabilities (especially brain damage) by designing a virtual reality. These areas, plains treatment are varied: Walking image, inversion tables ,perception, abstraction capacity enhancement and more.

Preparation includes crippled for life, of course, also learning walk again. These are people affected by the loco-motor system: paralyzed due to brain injuries or spinal cord, amputees, people with Bmfrkihm, people who have had an accident with fractures and more. Industry in bringing the crippled disposal a large number of developments and improvements in wheelchairs, walking aids and dentures. Training with them walking aids can be made through the normal procedure, the Treadmill, walking track with a rack (when disabled depending on the shoulders facility but his legs carrying him forward) and more.

Microprocessor knee – conference delivered by a team of orthopedic rehabilitation department at North York, the use of a computerized knee, LEG-C, made the German factory oldest OttoBock. Knee Handicapped their leg amputated through the thigh and independent functioning well enough. So far, most of the knees were based on mechanical, hydraulic or pneumatic. The first Paralympic Given this state of the art prosthetic reported improved daily function. This blessed delivered more efficiently artificial knees from other (Figure 1).

Quantum Touch – the future is here

Every time when technological breakthrough occurs,there are people who recognize it, and who refuse to recognize it. The history of the media world is intertwined with stories that illustrate these moods. For example, when first introduced telephone, telegraph companies were quick to denigrate the new invention claims on various grounds. Companies who listened she let history both companies moved on, leaving far behind the telegraph companies share profits.
Another example is the RCA who developed the screen technology known to us as crystal LCD. Company executives did not believe he could have created the product. Very wrong step, in retrospect, were selling this technology to Toshiba could see that it would be the next big thing in the market. On Microsoft no words to add ..

The future is here

We are in a time tunnel technology, on the edge of the cliff before the dramatic change at any time.
Nowadays we witness the increasing acceleration of the Internet. Number of users worldwide is growing by hundreds of percent per year. But the Internet is, believe it or not, is still in its infancy when the history is still ahead of him. Companies that internalize the communications revolution began in 1000 and will look at the days ahead will be wise to invest adequate representation of themselves online.

Technology Networks

Technology transfer of new information networks are knocking on Mhsbino. WiMAX technology may soon wash away the world in waves that enable multidimensional communication anywhere on Earth. Data transfer capabilities will radically change will allow delivery of heavy files now considered the most lightly.
The home phone will serve us well as mobile phone, a laptop and an instrument for transferring information indefinitely. Internet communication is available in abundance everywhere like a flowing tap water. In fact, the Internet we know today will see in two years pristine, old-fashioned and likely even ridiculous.

Old Fashioned 

Students these days are getting longer at some schools, here in Israel, homework via the Internet. Even those who find it difficult to imagine, is easy to imagine that really soon, replaced heavy laptops books. The children of today are the next generation. The generation that will integrate the Internet so that what we call nowadays the virtual world will become soon a world where most transactions take place, sales, purchases and receive the various services in the most effective.

Connect us together

We are at a time when the Internet business land is most fertile. It is time to sow the seeds of the future.
To go and stand in front of the current and future competitors have set up online business platform, one that will determine a clear advantage over competitors.
Internet business platform built with the introduction of a coherent image, and receive a clear awareness of audience.

Take an image and built a house

When the image designers, have put our steps:
First, choose a product or company name and slogan set off strong and hone its marketing message. From there, continue to the field of design: logo and identify memorable, unique font, color uniform graphic line adapted to the company.

The next step is the establishment of a digital website.
Web site can be used for commercial purposes: buying, selling and providing service or it can represent and enhance the image of the company with providing the latest information on products and services. The design of the site be covered with appropriate text itself exactly to the target audience of the company.
Then, choose Const – idea leads online campaigns. These can come in various forms: banners, banners burst, mini Sights and so on. With them, creating constant IMPACT aims to introduce the image consciousness and create an emotional need to identify and target audience.
Of course it is desirable that all the above will be accompanied by thinking, consulting and strategic planning.

Back to the Future

We stand on the threshold of an exciting time that embrace exceptional opportunities.
For those who look at the horizon and see the foresight to open unlimited possibilities if they are able to act now and plant the seeds of endless future of the Internet network.