How to relieve back pain the natural way

back pain

Back pain is a popular problem that many people suffer from especially since it is caused by various factors ranging from disease to nerve strains, accidents and snaps among others. It is also quite common for back pain to repeat itself and some people may suffer mild to severe pain for more than three months, in which case it becomes chronic back pain. There are several ways to go about relieving pain from your back and the method chosen will depend on your unique symptoms as well as the cause of pain. Here is a brief look as some of the things you can do to relieve back pain.

1. Consider resting for a day or two

When you suffer from mild back pain caused by nerve strain or sitting in an uncomfortable posture for a long time, bed rest for a day or two can help make the pain go away. However, research studies have shown that resting for more than two days will make your muscles weaker and make it easier to suffer back pain once again.

2. Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy can eliminate severe pain, but you should wait a few days before commencing treatment. It involves a set of movements aimed at flexing and stretching back muscles and nerves to prevent swelling, spasms and pain. You can also use an inversion chair to increase disc spaces and aid natural recovery. Inversion therapy involves sitting in an upside-down position for a few minutes and is not recommended for those with high-blood pressure.

3. Ice and heat packs

Ice packs can help relieve back pains within the first 48 hours when nerves and muscles are inflamed. After the 48 hours, you can use heat packs to further relax muscles, back spasms and pain. It is advisable not to use heat packs within the first 2 days as this may cause bleeding.

4. Back braces

If your condition is severe, you may need back braces to support your spine. This option is ideal for those who need quick recovery back to work. Back braces should be used temporarily as long-term use can weaken stomach and back muscles causing dependence on the braces.

5. Medications

If you’re back pain is a result of a cold or a flu then taking medication is the best solution. It will heal your cold and then help you with the back pain. Doctors may recommend anti-inflammatory and pain relievers to prevent inflammation and take your mind away from the pain. However, such medications do not solve the root problem although they give you a chance to focus on other remedies like core training and physiotherapy without feeling the pain. Different medications may also be prescribed if the root cause of your back pain is disease related.

6. Inversion tables or chairs

Inversion therapy is a great way to relief back pain and improve your posture. The treatment can be dont at the doctor’s office or at the comfortable of your own home if
you decide to buy one yourself. Inversion chairs are more recommended by doctor, as you dont need to tighten your back to stretch our. Here is an excellent article about inversion chairs.

Other back pain relief options

As aforementioned, back pain can be a result of different reasons and relieving it requires identifying this root cause. Popular conditions that lead to back pain include;

Some of the popular causes include;

Slipped/herniated disc – occurs when the gel between the disc leaks and causes pressure on surrounding spinal parts.Fracture – on one or more spinal bones can be painful even after they healNerve irritation – happens when your sciatic nerves get irritated or compressedSpinal stenosis – happens when space between discs become smaller and can be treated using inversion chair therapyRheumatism and osteoarthritis – degenerative diseases that wear out your spinal joints and cushioningTumors – are growths on your spinal region. These are quite rare but can cause chronic back pain.

If you suffer from the above chronic back pain, your treatment options may range from home remedies and complementary therapies to acupuncture, surgery, injections and herbal remedies. As you will also find out, there are some foods that will increase muscle pain and others that are natural relievers. It is important to consult your doctor for comprehensive medical examination and diagnosis before considering relief options to prevent aggravation of the problem. Consult your doctor as soon as you experience the symptoms of severe back pain.


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